Back in the saddle and ready to type!

Last time I sat down and wrote out the words scrambling in my brain, my family was still out West, in beautiful Leduc, AB. We’ve since moved back to Forest, ON – and taken up residency in a beautiful home which backs onto one of the only trails found in the small town. Work with what you have, right?


Since returning from the West, I’ve continued to have great success in both my Professional and Private Coaching practices’. I work 3 days a week at the local Health Centre as a Health & Fitness Coach, and I spend my off days working with my Private clients, both in Running and Personal Training/Health Coaching.

Our son is growing up ever so quickly – cue to clichés…

As a Plant-Based family, we’re so happy to see him growing up healthy and happy, just like his parents. Love certainly is all around us – especially in our home.

So what’s up with me?

I’m currently in a build for the upcoming Ultra Running season. Last summer I made the decision to work strictly on speed and lowered my race distances to some shorter then norm (for me) stages. So far, it’s paid off as I’m now able to run a strong 4:30/km in distances reaching 20km in training runs. My speed workouts often hit sub 4 minute km’s when doing km repeats, which if you look at where I started from in 2012, reaching a 6 minute km was a big deal for me. Patience and tons of hard work really is paying off. My goal this season, is to stretch it back out, slowly – being careful with my prior hip injury. This winter I spent time building up strength and flexibility in my hips and abs. Still, I find myself needing to devote more time to this project, as I’m a self-professed lazy butt when it comes to any training aside from running.


My first race is a 50km Trail Run – Seaton Soaker. It’s in the Toronto area, and I’ve never run that area before so it should be a fun adventure. I’m running the race alongside two coworkers of mine, so it should be a great morning on the trails. I’ll follow that up with my usual adventure in my hometown of Watford, ON. This year is the 59th Annual Watford-Alvinston Road Race. Come join me if you please.

We’re 4 years removed from my Run across Canada, and I want to do a specific Charity Run again in support of (you should donate today because it’s a rad venture and helps a ton of people) … I’m in the pre planning stages and it’s going to be a solo trail run on one of Ontario’s most beautiful trail lines. I hope to have the details hammered out by May 2016 so I can launch the news then.

For those in the Lambton County area, Forest to be specific… I’m going to be hosting a ‘Learn to Run 5k’, and ‘Learn to 10k’ programs. They’ll be based at the NLSS Track, parking at the High School and walking down the hill to meet.

The ‘Learn to 5k’ group will start Tuesday, April 12th and will run for 6 weeks. Classes will happen every Tuesday and Thursday night from 6 – 7pm. You’ll be given one run workout a week to do on your own.

The ‘Learn to 10k’ group will start Wednesday, April 13th and will run for 6 weeks. Classes will happe every Wednesday night from 6 – 7pm and you’ll be given TWO solo workouts every week.

Payment for both of these classes are on a ‘Pay what you can’ basis. I want to ensure every person has the opportunity to get out and take part in this great and uber successful training program. There really is NO excuse for you not to attend – let’s go!

This year, I’m also very happy to be offering anyone who attends either of these classes, the opportunity to be ready to participate in the Watford-Alvinston Road Race. For those interested, I’ll have details at the track on opening night – but the short; I’ll have you ready to run either the 8 or 16km races depending on which program you take part in with us.

I’d love for you to share this blog with anyone you know and let them know about the upcoming run programs we’re offering.

Until next time,

Peace + Plants + Namaste

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