When did four months become such a 'short time' frame? In a day and age where lives are taken from us, far too quickly and often, I find myself sitting and pondering this very thought. In just four months, I've witnessed my three-month-old son become my seven-month-old son (crazy how that works, don't ya think?), but when you see all the things He can do now, that he couldn't do then... life is a beautiful thing.

For the past four months, I've come home from work, each day to witness something which opens my mind to the amazing possibility of growth in such a young mind and soul. From rolling side to side, being able to stay on his belly, pushing himself up with his own arm strength, learning to sit up on his own, the giggling, the crying, the singing, the teething, and now speaking, at least his version - brings brand-new milestones as each day passes.

 We recently spent time with friends and family at our homestead. It was a quick visit, but one that showed witness to some much needed fact findings for my young family. In just one day, we watched as our son learned from his cousin (4 months older),  how to get on all fours and start his learning of the crawling technique. While watching his other cousin, who's one year older, Asher (our son) decided he was ready to pull himself up using somewhat sturdy objects. He's been standing with the help from Mom and Dad for the past few months, but nothing to this degree. 

 As individuals, both Myself and Amy believe that limits are self set, thus, self regulated. No matter the age, we both believe that anything is possible - it's just a matter of how hard you're willing to work at something, to seek that accomplishment. If you have pre-conceived limits in place, guess what - you're not going to be very successful at proving your own abilities. You'll simply follow the trends that seem to be in place in much of our society, and those dictate that we all follow the same system, to the same beat, to the same pace, and end up in the same spot at the end of each day. I say - push the limit, reach for the unexpected, challenge yourself daily, and allow yourself a world of infinite possibility. 

 As adults and early parents, we're told that life 'changes in an instant' - the moment your child is born. As parents, it's all you can do to ensure your child is given every opportunity to succeed early and often with all of life's abilities.

 It was on our recent visit to our family in Ontario, we realized how much of a benefit it was for our son, in his early stages of life, to be close to his cousins. Not because it's fun, and "easier" in any way, but because when we give him the opportunity to learn from his peers, he quickly grasps the chance and shows us instantaneously how well he responds in a positive manner.

 I'm proud to have a wife who shares the same beliefs in teaching and lifestyle choices, and it's why it was such an obvious decision that we needed to make this transition of being closer to family, sooner rather than later. If you restrict a chance even for a moment, you risk the very chance of allowing something special to occur.

 It was five months ago I accepted this great opportunity to work in my place of employment at the airport in Edmonton, and there hasn't been a single day where I've returned home upset about our choice. I reflect daily with my wife Amy, and son Asher about how great of job it is and how grateful I am to have been given this opportunity. That's what makes this decision so thoughtful and planned out. We needed to, as a family, ensure that giving this opportunity up for the sake of having our son closer to his extended family, was and is the right choice in the long term. It wasn't until this recent visit back to our homestead that we saw just how much our son had to gain.

In life, we often are given great opportunity, especially when we work our butts off for it. However, some sacrifices come with tempered measures. We wouldn't have known this would be an issue, unless we tried it out to its fullest in the first place. With every opportunity comes an outcome, and it's with those outcomes that we must shape our next step. From the lens of some, it may look one way, and to another - completely opposite. I'm of the belief that as long as you learn something from it, and apply the lesson learned to your life, there's success to be shared.

 I'm grateful for the opportunities I've had in my life and as a new Father, and this is a chance at a new chapter - and I'm learning as I go. I don't want to live a life of regret, especially when it comes to my son and family.

 We've made the decision as a family, to start our planning’s on a return to our homestead and be closer to our extended family.

 Myself and Amy will always be the adventurous type, as we love to explore and open up our views of the world through first person experiences. Our love of running helps with this, and we're sure our little Asher will share these traits - if he doesn't, at least he'll have cool parents, right?  As for my work, you need not worry, there's always work to be had, you just need to be willing to 'work' for it. I've never lacked in determination and I know with every closing door, a new opportunity arises. It's what you make of your opportunities that showcase the type of person you are.

 On the running front, it was a fun Labour Day weekend for the family, and both myself and Amy, Asher too, were all able to get out and enjoy some mileage. 

 I went for a 12km fun run with Asher - see the highlights by following along via Strava.

 Sunday was a day for Family fun, and Monday, Amy took Asher out for run, while I completed 5 miles of loops around a pond in Leduc. Follow that run here, via Strava

 Hope you have a fantastic week, and please keep the emails and coaching inquiries coming :) 

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 Eat Plants, Love All, Namaste. 



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