Do you ever struggle with staying in the groove during busy travel times?

My family traveled back to our homestead this past weekend in Ontario - before returning for my work day this past Monday. Our flights to Ontario were great, but on the way back - we had our 6am flight delayed 4 hours (fog), then we missed our connection as a result of our earlier delay, but we happened to catch another flight and made it to work with only a few minutes to spare. No biggie, just glad we were able to have some family time. 

I'm so thankful our son is such a relaxed little boy as he travels really well, no crying, screaming, kicking, just giggles, cuddles and staring vividly out the window - something that's super cute to see at just 7 months old. 

Alright - so I packed up all my run gear, including my trail and street runner's... I was ready to shred the flats of South-Western Ontario. Total number of hours logged on the trails and road - zero!

I could blame it on the jet leg (which I suffered for the first time ever traveling), or I could just let it be known - I was happy to take the long weekend off. My wife and I were able to hang out each day and relax with our son and extended family - such a treat!

As an active family, we take joy in our daily workouts and running routines. This past weekend, we all enjoyed the down time and today (Wednesday, Sept 2/2015) I got back on the horse. 

An easy 5km run along the paved trails of Leduc. My legs felt OK, but I noticed I was sluggish. These things happen when you go a week without running. 

Here's my last two runs via Strava; 1) Last week's easy 10k on travel day, click here 2) Welcome back you lazy bum 5km after a week's rest, click here

I need to give a special shout out to my Wife, Amy, who is hammering away at a 30 day Squat & Plank challenge. She's actually peer pressured me into joining her for half of the workouts. They're a fun way to change up our usual exercise routines - she's also been kicking serious taste buds in the kitchen the past few months. You can see some of her creations by following me on Instagram - Troy's ... Amy's launching her new Instagram account soon - it will be full Plant Fueled & Fun!

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I'll bring you some more information in my next piece, next week - and until then, enjoy the trails as Autumn is in the air.

Eat Plants, Love All, Namaste