I’m having troubles coming up with what’s best said in my first official blog post for Adams’ Running. I’ve been blogging (albeit far and few between the past year) over @ www.troysrun.com for the past 3 years.

I post about my runs, my goals, and about life as a 12 year Brain Injury Survivor. Of course there’s more, and eventually I’ll cover those areas – but for now, I’ll try to stick to some targeted posts.

I’ve been Coaching Athletes as a Personal Trainer since late 2012, and it’s the most gratifying gig to date. My background is Journalism, but I followed my interests in ‘getting healthy’ post college (230lbs in 2007), and it’s evolved each year, being healthy that is. After not finding success in the usual fitness routines, I turned to running… jogging… walking and some running… anything to get me moving. The year was 2010, my athletic years were behind me, or so I believed. I had dabbled in the years prior with hiring Personal Trainers, but nothing was sticking. The one thing I found to be a constant, was my desire to learn what my coaches and trainers were teaching me and try to make sense of it. What I realized, was that if I can get my hands on just a few books – this couldn’t be a difficult career to master. Show up to gym, do a minimum 20 minutes of cardio, pick two body regions to work-out, lift at moderate/higher weights for 3x12, cool down for 10 minutes, and complete!

This was the routine that every trainer had me following.

So in 2010, I decided to take matters into my own hands – I told myself I would start running. As is the case with most people, I quickly realized I may have bitten off more than I could chew. I wouldn’t let this keep me down though, each day I’d go for a run, I would aim to better my prior day’s workout. Pretty simple method if you’d ask me. Two weeks into my Run training, I decided to plan my first fundraising ‘Run’ in which I completed just 6 weeks after ‘learning to run’ – I ran 25km in support of the Terry Fox Foundation. It was during that 25km solo run, I had an “ah-ha” moment.

“I wonder if Terry ran across Canada not only to cure cancer, but to show fellow survivors that an illness shouldn’t keep you down” …

“…and if that is the case, He’s succeeded every day since, and why on earth hasn’t anyone done this sort of thing for brain injury!”

Insert Troy’s Run: Marathon for Brain Injury Awareness...

I don’t claim to be the first to run across Canada in support of Brain Injury Awareness (because I was not), but I do know I carved out a path along my way, connecting (for the first time) Brain Injury Survivor’s from Coast to Coast who all learned and now share the same message; We’re not alone, there is others out there, we need to be heard.

As a self described student of life, along the Highways of Canada’s beauty I would take note of all my daily aches and pains, strengths and weakness’, and anything else I figure would be of benefit long term.

Here’s what I quickly realized; nothing is impossible, we’re capable of doing such great things, and you’re not going to have the slightest idea until you make the giant leap into the unknown.

After finishing the run in late 2012, I knew no one would take me serious (outside of the die-hard runners) unless I followed our culture’s idea of completing some silly out-of-date education program and being rewarded a ‘Certificate’ in Personal Training. So I did just that, and I gave it a fair shake, in fact – I did really well in the course, although I knew most of the stuff being taught was nothing I believed in.

Remember when I told you about all the trainers I hired, and how they all tried selling me on these systems that just didn’t seem to stick with me – but yet, they all resembled a similar plan… I HAD FOUND THE HOLY GRAIL!!!

I found and studied the books!

A lot of the info was incredibly beneficial and I realized I may have been a bit short sighted on my views that it was all wrong. I took the information I needed to move forward, and decided I would train people in Running & in Personal Training, the same way I had found success. Get to know the individual, and then create a program specific to the individuals needs. Sure, some of the programs would resemble another, but each program I design(ed) had personal markings, highlighting specific actions to target the clients goals.

It’s this method that has helped me find success in nearly everything I’ve been successful with in life. Take something that someone else has mastered, and re-master it to keep it up to date. If you think you can pick up a book, and have it change your life, by simply reading a book – you’ll probably find failure when you close that book. You need to adapt the knowledge within the pages, and put action to paper to force change. When something goes wrong, or not as you were taught – change it, and when you find success, write it down. That person wasn’t incorrect for teaching you a method that didn’t pan out for yourself; it just may not have been most beneficial to you, without insight into your own ability. You take the method, and you make it your own – and now you have a successful and much stronger program.

This is my teaching method!

Are you confused yet?

I don’t claim to have everything figured out, or correct… but darned if I don’t try.

With running, I’ve spent the past 3 years ‘mastering the art form’. If you’ve heard or read about a method that makes you faster, stronger, run longer – I’ve probably tried it (as long as it’s legal), and then I try to correct and better them. Why? So others can find success that much quicker.

Running isn’t supposed to be difficult. It’s our body’s natural function; One foot in front of the other, and repeat. It’s what you’ve done to your body, prior to heading out for a run, that determines how successful you will be.

I don’t measure success in wins/losses. Success in running is going out into nature, and returning in a calmer, more relaxed state. The ‘runners high’ is just an added bonus.

Once I feel as though I have completed the task I set out for myself (in terms of running), I go back and try to better it. Find out where my weaknesses are and correct them. This is what I’ve done for the past 3 years, and it’s why all of my services are guaranteed with success. I get to know my clients on a personal level so I can ensure success, just as I’ve found in my running & fitness adventures.

Whether it’s completing your first 10k, full marathon, your first Ultra Marathon, or if you’re just like me and are tired of wasting money on the magic program to get you fit – I’m here to help you, and I’ll do just that… I guarantee it.

I’ve helped clients of many backgrounds, from elementary school children, to high school athletes, adults and even senior citizens.

If you’re ready to regain control of your life, whether through running, fitness, or overall well being, I’m here to get you results for the long-term.

I want to thank my amazing Wife, and NEW Coach, Amy, who took our son Asher swimming for the past hour while I wrote out my introductory blog. It’s the support I receive from my family that drives me forward. Also, she’s an amazing Coach!!

I’ll be posting a weekly blog, and it may evolve to more posts – but for now, I’ll stick to one a week.

Race Update: Today I completed the 2nd last race of the 5 Peaks Race Circuit for Northern Alberta this season, a 14km Trail race in Chickacoo Park. I had a great time pushing myself out of my comfort zone to focus in on a more ‘speed’ style of trail race. I feel as though my adjustments to a new training program are paying off, as I finished 7th overall, 4/8 in my division, and was able to keep a consistent pace out on the muddy trail. I made the decision to step away from the Ultra running (50 Miles +) this season, to focus on my overall weakness’. I’m now regaining the mileage and feel as though I’m ready to come back to the Ultra scene much stronger and more focused. Although I don’t run to compete – I do love pushing my limits and exploring where I used to think was unattainable territory to be in.  

You can view my in depth Race Report via Strava: Click Here

My blogs will be focused on my ongoing training – and I’ll also talk to Amy about coming on board as a guest contributor to this blog every once and a while.

Until next time,

Eat Plants, Love All, Nameste


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